well they should pay me, shouldnt they?

May 4, 2006 at 5:15 pm Leave a comment

So was walking around- yes we do that, what I strongly believe is my village (though no one else seems to care one way or the other) when what do I see but this advertisement for Kenya breweries, in a village in deep in the heart of sudan where a beer (not kenyan) costs 250 kenyan shillings,

First of all, imagine my horror at seeing a CAN OF KENYAN BEER, littering MY VILLAGE!!!!!!!(though it did look beautiful) So Iam bringin it to the attention of KBL and hoping that they will not pass up the opportunity of bragging about their reach (sic)
Speaking of the reach of KBL, was I the only one ama did anyone else hear some kenyan dunder head chick being interviewed on a BBC program about alcohol abuse, the girl was high as a kite telling the presenter to send her the recording couz she will remember Dot about what she said…………………….. IF THAT WAS YOU, I HAVE ONE QUESTION, WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Anyway yesterday I did manage to look at the Failed states index and suprise suprise, there we were at the top (apparently in this case- unlike in our fathers times, being no 1 is not good at all). While my other mother land Kenya has to my shock improved from no 25 to 35. How is that possible, who pray tell did they talk to? No body talked to me (well despite the distance) and no one talked to anyone I know, or anyone anyone i know knows (well you get the idea, ZIP no one)


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