Ruud boy rudes himself out of Man U (listening to football Luhya style Part 2)

May 8, 2006 at 10:06 am Leave a comment

When will footballers ever learn, YOU NEVER CROSS SIR ALEX…………………………… cant get away with it. PERIOD

To be honest, am I the only one who feels it was time for Ruud to go, surely. Yeah yeah yeah I know he was the top Scorer in Man u, but damn the guy was hopeless.

Well shockhorror on my radio, arsenal have poisoned Tottenham, (OK ALLEGEDLY POISONED)…… man they scared of barca. Well any sane person/team should be scared of barca, have you seen (or heard) those guys play? If I were a gooner supporter I would take leave immediately and move to my village.

On a very very very very happy note, Chelsea have lost 2 games (IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!) WHO WOULD HAVE THOT, just after Jose was angrily telling anyone who was willing to listen that they deserve more respect.

The saaaaaaaaaaaaaad news is that I have come to love an appreciate my world space radio, but since i will be home (YIPEEEEE) I will actually watch (not listen) barca give those gooners a class of footbal 101.

Anyway FYI am visiting kenya today for about 2 weeks, I hope my motherland is still intact and those bloody politicians have not partitioned it.
so tis happy holiday to me.


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well they should pay me, shouldnt they? arrived in kenya finally- to the sight of actual traffic

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