of mothers day, cricket (and trying not to write about liverpool)

May 15, 2006 at 12:17 pm Leave a comment

Raise your hand if your mother understands the concept of mothers day (if your hand is up, why are you at home and schools already opened?) Am not saying that we should not appreciate mothers, (every sane human being knows we should) its the concept of one day of the year: it is just not enough to appreciate what those women mean and do for us. I mean I love my mother as much as the next person but just because now we have given ourselves one day to tell them how much we love them, does that mean we appreciate them more than they appreciated their mothers?

Frankly am getting tired of this one dayer things and world (fill in the blank) days, they are getting to be as many as Miss (again fill in the blanks). Lets just have one day and call it the world is fucked day and then we can chill and continue fucking the world for the other 364 days.

Zimbabwe were beaten (again 5-0) in the test series. The situation there is just as bad as their economy and just goes to show how much egotistical politicians can fuck up an entire nation.

I am really really really trying (really Iam) not to talk about football and the blood pressure raising game on saturday. So I will just say this West ham Islop is not a name and Steven Gerrard (ASHINDWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RISWA)


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arrived in kenya finally- to the sight of actual traffic Am back!!!!!!!!!! Anyone miss me? (anyone!!!)

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