Am back!!!!!!!!!! Anyone miss me? (anyone!!!)

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For those who have seen this poleni, if you havent: ENJOY

Kibaki whispering to World bank Director.. who was also kibaki’s tenant in Muthaiga at the time. Either you unleash that funding to Kenya or I hike your rent by 200k kuku wewe!!

Tuju to the PM of Thailand:… and that is Raila .. he is very very stupid .. look at him eh ? we are busy enjoying Thai cuisine and the dude is arguing with the waiter to bring him kamongo… I mean wtf !!! .. anyway were it not for human rights he was one of the animals that we are planning to ship to Thailand zoo=============================================

National Assembly speaker Francis Kaparo:

“ONE: This is the very last warning to all those MPs who have been writing grafitti on parliaments chairs and benches and especially in the toilets .. sijui … “Kamotho was here – 1997 to 1999” mara “I shikashikad Martha before Father did it” .. ETC … THIS IS IT. Anyone found writing on thee wall is OUT.”

“TWO: Anyone found smoking weed in parliament grounds just because the police cannot arrest you in here .. will have to face the Chief Whip. So I am therefore addressing Kajwang, Njoki Ngung’u, Beth Mugo, Mwenje and Tuju .. let me not see you hiding in the garden again”

“THREE: Lina Jebii Kilimo is a married woman ! Can all those leaving her “love notes” in the her pigeon hall cease do do so from today onwards ! … (omits reading the culprit’s names because he is one of them)

It was not me ! I am not the one! I was not even near the Holy family Basilica parking.. I know reports are saying that people saw a white robe running into the chapel after the incident ,, BUT I can assure you I was not the one. ! … Next Question Please ?


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of mothers day, cricket (and trying not to write about liverpool) MADARAKA- BEING KENYAN

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