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My mother drunk or not (somebody was once quoted). That is what I feel about being a Kenyan. I mean I just came from home the other day, and the drama there was more than anyone can bear. Today being my and kenyas birthday I decided to list unique (good and bad) things about kenya that make it kenya. THIS IS WHY I LOVE KENYA

1. We love politicians/ we hate politicians
I mean……..Kenyans hate and love politicians at the same time. I have sworn till my throat got sore at those guys. Most of our politicians are sooo loathsome, you wouldnt hire them to sweep your toilet and yet we elect them to make laws and represent us. WTF!!!!

Smoking gun:
David Mwenje

2. We trust our preachers/ we are cheated by our preachers
Dont use condoms, pay money and you will be cured of AIDS. This group of people are a circus all by themselves. Remember the catholic priest who decided to get married? enuf said

Smoking Gun:
“The glory is here” is getting married and we are excited about it

3. TV
Seriously how many shows (failed ones) can Kathleen Openda and Jimmy Gathu Host? How many Cuando ses mias can women get addicted to? And where the Fuck does nation get their reporters from, and why cant they pay emmanuel Juma to retrain them? Those reporters suck (seriously- they have lemons in their mouth). Thankfully Hamisi Tembo and Aunty Elizabeth are now behind the scenes.

Smoking Gun
Bernard Otieno and Bernard Otieno?

4. Radio
What is Jambo FM? Which radio station has Pinky Ghelani, JIMMY GATHU, and Bob Kioko never worked for? And whats with all the comedians (sic) on Radio. And seriously how many times can you listen to My hips dont lie? Why has Kiss FM not paid Sean Paul?

Smoking Gun

To go full circle, my mother drunk or not. Despite all the above, We still love Kenya and are very very proud to be kenyan. We say it with pride and would set up a boxing match between Conjestina and anyone who dares speak ill of Kenya.

Smoking Gun
We still take Kenyan ID’s despite the bad black and white photographer.



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