Ban gay marriages- for morality? (Yeah right)

June 6, 2006 at 10:35 am Leave a comment

I thought it was tough being a woman in this world, but there are worse things E.g. being Gay!!!!!!!!! The decider himself is Again looking for ways to make them non people ( and at the rose garden nonetheless)

The decider is trying to tell us that marriage (between one man and one woman is the moral thing to do) This from a country that is glued to their screens watching “who want to marry a millionaire, who want to marry my dad, Bachelorette, the bachelor and those kuks who met over some radio program and lived “happily ever after” for one month……” America has the highest rate of divorce – IN THE WORLD. and they claim that it is for the sake of the children, is it better to tell your children that you met and fell in love or you met and kissed dozens of women/men over the television before deciding on which one to marry!!!!!!!!!

Any student of Gender will tell you that it is NOT the sex of a person that raises a child, it is the nature/morals of the person- so whether it is 2 men, 2 women, or 1 man and 1woman, it doesnt matter!!!!!!!!!! Anyone remember that crazyass couple who systematically killed and buried their children in their backyard? It is not the sex- its the people.

Ok enough venting

Anyone hear about the 80 year old geezer couple who are spending 400,000 USD for their family mausoleum!!!!!! FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND. Their excuse? the old man has a phobia about being put in the ground and soil poured on him. DUDE YOU ARE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway everybody should vent today because the world may end today 6/6/6 the number of the beast!!!!!!!!!!!! and before the world cup too.


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