listening to Football (luhya style) part 3 [The smugness, the horror, the anger and finally the shame]

June 10, 2006 at 10:51 am Leave a comment

So the world cup started yesterday? BIG DEAL. No sattelite, not radio, this sucks.

The History: Ok to rewind abit……….. Two months ago our sattelite dish was blown away by this hurricane like winds. Bossman decides its too expensive to bring someone over here to fix it. Believe me it costs less to go to Europe than to come here. So no TV

The smugness: Well no worries for me I say (thinking to my self that I have paid my world space subscription and the thing has many, MANY channels) besides this radio station has been saying how they will broadcast all the games. Being an expert at listening to footbal am totally bila worries. Those without radios wameze wembe…….. yeah I rule

The horror: Now its 7 p.m jobo is over, I pack my stuff and head off to my hut.. sure enough the game is starting, the players are in the tunnel, they march in and the anthems are starting. So I say to myself, “quick shower, then settle in for the game” to my shock this british accented voice starts saying “Due to contractual agreements, we are unable to bring the scheduled program at this time, but here are some moments you may have missed” what moment? when did I miss them? and who the **effing told them I want to hear those moments right now……….?

The anger: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The shame: its now 11.30am kenya time saturday morning, I think i can go for my friday dinner now and apologize to my collegues for the horrors and not talking to them and not joining them for dinner last nite. And probably try and have my radio repaired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End result:
1. To my collegues: you know I got love for you all.
2. World space: My broken radio is absolutely no reflection on you
3. That radio station (for fear of being somethinged (sued, killed, et al), I will not name them): I really really have no good feelings for you right now. We have had a good relationship over the years, but after what you did yesterday: IT IS SOOOO OVER BETWEEN US. Am looking for a new station to feed my hunger for soccer and to dall in love with. Goodbye bad radio station

Enjoy the world cup!!!!! and the French open ( if anyone even remembers its going on)


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