Life’s little(ish) dilemmas

June 14, 2006 at 10:59 am Leave a comment

so since our fuschball is out, we gotta bond,no?? sitting in the evening watching the stars and the beautiful moon,we started discussing lifes little (sometimes big) dillemmas. So help us out here- it all started as a small: really small arguement about citizenship, so that is where I will start:

1. Would you give up your citizenship?
7/10 would give up their citizenship without batting an eyelid. Couldnt imagine what was going through Oliech’s mind.(refusing 100 million- sheesh) But of the 7 all would NEVER (their words not mine) change their name for any amount.

2. What would you do for your girl/man
here are the scenario(s):

a.) You are the boss, you hire a girl/man, you really like the girl/man seems the feelings are mutual. Problem: do you pursue this person and loose the respect of your collegues and juniors ama do you let what/who could be the one go?

5/10 would let him/her go
3/10 would try to change jobs
10/10 would suggest that the girl/man get another job.

b.) You meet a girl/man, love him/her to bits your mother thinks she is the worst thing to happen to you since you were bullied in form one.
3/10 would give up the girl/man
7/10 would try to negoo with mother

c.) The usual one, meet him/her but you are married/committed.
As the Indian would say “vhat to do yaar”
2/10 would not touch the girl/man ( two people, 2, wawili,seriously 2 people!!!!!)
8/10 would do the nasty but keep is a secret

3. Who is more important: For the boys: Your wife or your mother/ For the girls: your husband or your father

Nothing to add here
Lets just say the women chose father while the men chose wife.

4. Your family or your job
You get what is your dream job, you would be very good at it, you would enjoy it, it pays more than you ever dreamt of earning, the problem its in a different continent from your family?
Suprisingly this was the most difficult for people to decide. the debate continues………………………

Not to bore you with many more, just thought this are some of the major dilemas that many people face daily.

So what would you do?


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