so Mukhisa was carjacked? do I give a F?

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I have not been writing for a while now, and have just been copy and pasting stuff from other sites. Dont know why, maybe bloggers block, or being busy? (na, didnt think so either seeing as I got the time to blog crawl ). Whatever the cause, havent felt much like putting in effort.

………..and then I read this and boy did my creative(sic) juices or was it anger, start flowing. Mukhisa Kituyi, trade minister (and sometime NARC’s Nameless) was car jacked at gun point. For normal folks the reaction would be one of shock, horror and disbelief. But mine…greater joy than watching France beat brazil combined with italy beating germany – I mean kwani there is only 2 nations who know how to play soccer. Aaaand yenyewe was Ronaldhino even in germany ama hawezi kucheza bila Etoo. And halafu how Klinsmann is alive this morning I cant understand. The man was at the point of heart attack jana, you could see the bench guys pole pole moving behind every time Germans hit the woodworks. The man would scream and throw things much like Wayne Rooney after being substituted

oooo ya, back to Hon Kituyi. I work and live here:
(had a picture of my “town” here but it refused to up load- by the way what happens to those pictures when the kawindow goes like your images have been uploaded and then puff they disappear)
never mind- so I pay taxes so they can live in Runda, Karen et al
Once they get there, they forget who the fuck put that 2000 euro in his pocket and the bloody rolex watch. OK they didnt have to take the wedding band. On a DAILY basis, kenyans are car jacked in matatus, buses and personal cars. At the road, at their gates et al. But has anyone ever taken notice? nooooo. Do they care? are you kidding! Do they do anything about it? Are you out of your fucking mind!!!!! They have body guards (who BTW I pay for while I can not even afford to pay a watchie to make sure my (when I grow up I want to be a bus)-mini is not left on stones while the thugs sell my tires.

They spend my hard – really really hard earned money sleeping on benches at parliament- as if I dont pay them enough to buy queen size mattresses at slumberland. Making inane statements on DSTV super sports 3. seriously does anybody in kibera own DSTV or even have access to it. Do not kid yourself that those DSTV owning people are your voters, they are not. Why, why, oh why anyone would announce their candidature for presidency on a South African station is beyond me. Dancing with school girls at political rallies, like that will make life better for them or any one else for that matter. For heavens sake cant they just greet the tois? sheesh making young children spend time learning dance moves and (insert tribe)songs

So my problem is not that the whole lot of them are no good (fill in appropriate insult), my feelings about this story are: for just one day, one of them will understand what thousands of kenyans go through every single day. Will this change anything? Of course not! nothing changed when Martha and father were car jacked.

But on a human level, I sincerley feel sorry for ANYONE who goes through the trauma of a carjack. On a “haven’t we been saying security is bad” level, I really feel nothing. And just to show them how much people dont care about them, the thugs didnt even recognize him. I would laugh but it is too sad.

Ok I do feel much much better now. And I swear one day I WILL blog about life in South Sudan, but am going home on friday so may not be soon. But in the meantime, if you know any Sudanese in the diaspora who needs to come back home, there are jobs galore for sudan nationals.


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