I curse thee oooh pilot- Dedicated to all those who are where they aint supposed to be

July 7, 2006 at 11:25 am Leave a comment

Living in southern Sudan ranks as the biggest challenge of my entire life. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love the good life. I love going out for a drink or two- BTW how I finished uni is beyond me and I love TV (I was once seriously addicted to TV and could plan my life around tv programs) Then I got a job in S.S and all this had to come to an end. For about 3 years, we didnt have TV, or Internet. And to this day there is still no bar. SS is one of the saddest place anyone can live. The poverty levels are too depressing. Literacy levels down there- like 5%…….Dont get me wrong there are some good things THE NILE is beeeautiful. (but that is a story for another day)

Anyway that is not why am sad today, that situation makes me sad daily.

But today I was to go home. i.e. nairobi. I was so excited about the fact that I would watch the WC finals- Go Italy- in a bar (with a beer), I would watch the Wimbledon finals, I would see my relas…….So there I was bags packed, spent half the night praying for no rain (airstrips are just cleared fields so if it rains and you are set to go out- my friend you are doomed)

enough said!!!!
I forgot to pray for one thing, which in my wildest dreams I would never imagine happening. The bloody pilots went on strike! on strike! are they serious….. Iam all for fighting for your rights, good pay blah blah blah……….but not when it affects me. No No No No. I know you are saying girl relax, chill out, take another flight. Nope, not happening, nada. because

  1. We are not allowed to look at let alone board any flight that is not authorised by the UN
  2. There is no other flights other than the one run by the UN

Now our flights come 3 times a week, Monday, wednesday and friday. Which means I don’t get out till……..riiiight

What is going to happen to all the beer I was going to drink? All the nyama choma I was gonna eat and all the sex i was gonna have? I made my (patience of Job) shagmate postpone his trip. After two months out here in the village, I need some.

Speaking of which, let me digress abit, Why is it that men are sooo afraid of womens sexuality- no let me qualify that, why are many men afraid of women who are comfortable and happy with their sexuality and not afraid to say what they want sexually and ready to participate in making sex a pleasurable experience? I would imagine that is the kind of woman most men would want. Who wants a woman who just lies there while you do all the work? Do you guys not want a woman who participates. After all aint we in the age of participatory blah blah

Remember that Joke that used to go around about the woman plaiting her hair during sex? Or the one of “ukimalize nifunikeLOL Seriously who wants that?

This is just my pent up anger at not being at home this weekend, things that dont go my way really really bring out the worst in me.

If you are in the right place this weekend, Enjoy and if like me you are in the wrong place- you are not alone and all this shall come to pass!



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