At what point does a friend become a liability?

July 30, 2006 at 5:27 pm Leave a comment

This weekend, I have lost a great friend. No he didnt pass away. Just that my friendship with him has come to an abrupt end, after 5 years of sharing, consoling each other, making decisions together, screaming at each other and making up later. He was/is one of the best friends I have ever had in my entire life. And a testimony to the fact that men and women can be friends with out the sex thing coming up. We went out together, got drunk and talked shitty to each other and to other guys. But sex never came up ever. When he met his wife, I was with him and when he married her, I was there sad that the era of measuring up chicks for him was over.

So you can imagine my dismay 1st to discover that he has been shagging someone else. And then for that same small thing to come to me and tell me that my friend thinks I have a crush on him. WHAAAT? why? when? how? This raises 2 issues in my mind:

  1. Could She be lying?
  2. Does he really think that?

If she is lying and I ask my friend (lets call him R) then that will definately bring problems between them. The thing is I dont really care if it brings problems between them, after all its not as if I like the girl or the fact that R is cheating on his wife, who happens to be a very good friend of mine. At the same time, I dont want to look petty, fighting with an “under 18”

If he really said that, what the fuck was he thinking, what could have given him that crazy idea? why did he feel he had to justify my friendship with him? I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU. Please dont crush my belief in the fact that men and women can be friends.

So far, I have not asked him, I have not talked to him either. Iam just filled with a huge feeling of loss,sadness and absolute betrayal. How could he cheat on a woman I love and respect, how can a man I respect shag someone else? And someone who does not measure up to the wife?

Halafu nina swali: Why do men always (well almost always) cheat with a girl who is a couple of notches below the wife/girlfriend. house girl, secretary etc. Dont get me wrong its not ati they are not women, but………and dont tell me its love couz its not. How brief can love be couz after a tew months they move on to the next house girl.

Anyway back to my friend, Iam currently ignoring his mails, text and calls. obviously I cant do that for ever, at some point he will ask whats up. I need some advise couz on the one hand I dont want to loose him but I also dont want drama in my life. Anyone out there willing to help me?


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