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Does the kenyan parliament make people ridiculous? or did I actually vote for those clowns?

I know Iam on temperory Hiatus, but it is self imposed so I can lift it if I want to. But when I arrived home, the first item on the evening news was this beef between Charity and Michuki.

Why does it feels as if the closer you are to the Kenyan parliament the more ridiculous you sound and behave? Did you actually wake up in the morning, queue for close to five hours (all this after not going to shags because you are registered in nairobi) just to vote for those clowns? We they clowns before I voted for them or did they become clowns after getting to parliament? Isnt it hard to imagine that a few years ago Kiraitu and Kibwana actually sounded intelligent?

And NO I will not apologise for calling them clowns, because that is what they are. Do we actually pay this people? How many parties can Raila belong to before he finally realizes that he can register in God’s own party or the devils and people will still vote for him (dont ask me why)

My final thought to our parliamentarians? Two year olds throw tantrums, adults sit down and discuss issues…… Which do you want us to see, which are you?

Now back to my Haitus and you clowns Get off my TV


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Temporary Haitus

This is as a result of NOT actually doing any work. Am going home this week so all thoughts of work are in the back burner. So I trolled the internet, and found some crazy photos.

Note to self: check work email more than twice a week

You know that saying “kumbe you are brighter than you look”

How much you wonna bet this dude loves that sheep more than his MRS?

I tell you english came with water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kumbe wanaanzanga mapema?

No shit Sherlock

On that note, let me go check my work email. Happy blogging till we meet.

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