of disappearing boyfriends and online dating/Virtual sex

October 2, 2006 at 12:06 pm Leave a comment

Sadly my Haitus is over (tears of sadness)

Anyway a friend of mine suffered what I would call a moment of “what the FUCK happened?”

The story goes like this, my friend has been dating this guy for like forever. You know those relationships that you know will go nowhere? The ones of a couple who have been together soooooo long without actually formalizing? Sort of like Oprah and Steadman? Yeah. They have lived together, broken up, got back together. Yaani there is no drama they havent gone through. Even when they are broken up they still remain shag mates, as in one can call the other to spend a night of sex and the next day they go back to their respective partners. Anyway, a few months back they got back together (yawn) So for 3-4 months there was no drama from them. Until one night she frantically calls me to tell me her boyfriend had disappeared. Just like that the man stopped taking her calls, emails etc. One day he was there, the next he was gone.

Am afraid my friend will turn into a stalker, she doesnt understand what happened and she wants to find him either to kick his ass or shag him. I dont understand what happened either, and I dont understand such cowardice. But secretly am quiet glad it happened. One of them had to break that destructive habit. I sincerely (without telling my friend so) hope it is permanent. I mean the guy was good and everything…but their relationship was at best disfunctional.

Moving on, If there is one thing I don’t get its online dating….. I was at a cyber cafe in nairobi one day. Nairobi cybers are quiet slow so I was sitting there waiting and this chick next to me was trying to upload her photos onto one of those dating site. Which got me wondering: What does one get from dating someone you hardly know? for all you know this dude/dudette could be a 300 pound jailbird pervert. And no the fact that he/she sent a picture does not mean anything. Remember photo shop? I have no issues with online friendships. But online dating? what the F*** is that? how does it actually work? If you are in the same country you can establish a relationship, then gradually work up to meeting (hopefully at a public place) But if you are “dating” someone from lets say Turkey or Greece (ama the two favourites USA and UK). How will it work? will the date come to Kenya or will you go? I know everything is going Virtual, but can you actually have satisfying virtual sex? Personally dont see the point of dating if the physical part is not included (No sija chill) You can’t even hold hands and walk in Nairobi aboretum, or even take a boat ride at uhuru park. His/her name may not even be real he is probably called stenopolis or kalashnikov and is from those countries without vowels in their names. What is the point?

Have a good week everyone even the LIVERPOOL fans.


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