Tuesday Rant? and Ig nobel prize

October 3, 2006 at 5:22 pm Leave a comment

Am only writing as a response to a previous post I read: And No am not one of those people who slam what other people have written. Nope. this is simply a response to Jamaapoa who asks if Wangari Maathai can become president.
I have a few questions in response to that:

Did we or did we not know Hon Wangari before her Peace Prize?

Was she not the founder of Greenbelt movement before her NPP?

Was she not in the public eye before the NPP?

And this for me is the clincher, DID SHE NOT STAND IN 1997 AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?

And did we not REJECT her?

So what has changed since then? So she received international recognition. and then? Does that mean we should now elect her? why do we feel the need to ignore our heroes until somebody else recognizes them?

Parting shot: Since this is the Nobel prize season dont forget to check out the Ig nobel prizes
or here their motto is:
The prizes for achievements that “make people laugh and then think”


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