I am addicted

October 18, 2006 at 5:39 pm Leave a comment

Today I was reading this and two things came to mind:
First Pole for having to watch Tyra Banks.
Secondly, Iam that woman……….I am addicted to blogging/internet. This is a sad undeniable fact. Sample my day:

Get to the office, set up work place (switch on comp, get out books blah blah blah)

Open the first tab – I always start this way because I promise myself that I will only use one tab to check my mail then start work.

Getting extrememly pissed off because one tab takes too long to check all my 4 addresses.

Tell myself I will open just one more to make it faster, as in the sooner I finish checking my mail, the sooner I will start actual work.

In about 10 mins I will have about 6-7 tabs open and one or two of this will be KBW.

Then I will say to myself, “…………. (insert my name here) you will not read any new postings, you go back to jana’s posts then on you move”

By 1.00pm I have broken all my promises to myself, and I will have read and made comments on every post that interests me. By which time it is time for lunch. And the same process will repeat after lunch.

If that doesnt convince you maybe this will:
Jana we had a couple of drinks (just couz we could) I went back to my room and wrote a really really really explicit post……. I was turning absolutely red when I read it this morning. You should all thank your lucky stars that we have no internet at nite.

OH MY GOD, I SHOULB BE FIRED… really I should.


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