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I read this book a couple of months ago and I was asking myself: “What freaking humanitarian programs do these people do?” Its basically about some humanitarian workers and their relationships (many)

And then yesterday happened!

At the beginning of this year, we finally added another girl (ok Woman) to our fold. See for about 2 years I was the only girl,(sigh! what joy it was, sigh, double sigh, the good old days, final sigh) which was okay by me as I don’t normally get along with many women. Through no fault of my own, chicks just tend to hate me. (Even as far back as primary school, I always used to hang around boys- its probably why I think secondary school sucked soo much couz it was a girls only school) anyhow back to the story.

It was an unofficial rule that you could not shag one of the colleagues. Waaaay too much like incest and considering the fact that we live in a camp it could get a tad uncormfortable for everyone else. But apparently this rule did not get through her thick skull! the bitch!

Yesterday we had a farewell party for one of our workmates. Food, drinks, music – basically everything you would expect at a party. Some advice “if you cant hold your drink, THEN DO NOT DRINK” especially at office partys………………Kumbe girl turns into a slut after a few beers. Picture this: 2 girls, 10 men and alcohol. Lets just say that she ended up practising tongue hockey with 2 of the guys and shagging a third one.

She hasn’t come to the office yet but am betting that today is gonna be one of the most uncormfortable tension filled days, and I cant wait (“Evil laugh”) Updates kesho.

To be honest, I do envy her ability to shag that particular guy. Couz why lie, the guy is hooooot. Makes Denzel look like Busta rhymes or Lil wayne/john (or whatever that ugly rapper is called). The boy is sooo sweet you could just bite him. Am soo jealous, but even he isn’t worth whatever drama that Iam sure (hope) will ensue.

Shagging your workmate is almost as bad as sleeping with your friends jamaa/mama. It causes too many problems.. I have so far steered clear of that minefield.

But are there any workmate-shagmate stories that have had a happy ending? Do you know of any?


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I am addicted Karma is a B***CH and boy do I love her

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