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I did get off my butt and opened the blog. But somehow the welcome post did not appear on the web ring. (am beginning to think Iam the one who is incompetent).

Anywhos here is the link which has instruction/rules/etc, etc, etc

Am sure there is still room for improvements and suggestions


Muenjoi mukishirikiana na leader of the official opposition Mheshimiwa Kipyator. Aaaaach, kanu that was like a mugumo tree! Iam NOT renewing my membership: I was a member, remember there was a time all Kenyans were in KANU (baba na mama or was that Moi?).

Ok start sending in your book reviews now.


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Aaaaach! the aggravation……….
There is soo much I need to do re blogging stuff, but I cant get round to it.

My posts keep disappearing and I cant for the life of me understand what is going on.

Then the drama queen decided she wants to leave. And I have to organise for her depature. No one even wants to have a farewell party for her. Kumbe all along she has been having a thing with some other married colleague and no one knew about it. So when she shagged this other guy, all hell broke loose. Aarrrgh! I was praying for some drama, but in retrospect I realise I could have been happier without it.

I also know I was to start a new blog for book reviews, and I do promise I will. But I think I have worked out how this may work. Since guys also need to run their own blog, we should leave it as an open blog. with an email address, and guys can just send their reviews to the email and they can be posted. All authors will be acknowledged! I promise

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Book review collabos anyone?

In one of those my addicted with work (not) moments, I was just looking at the KBW members and the type of blogs that are here. Do you know that there is no blog that does books review, (and christmas is coming soon)

Couch and movie buff do movies/TV
Makanga: does the music
banks does the finances for us
YMT does politics
and many other specialised blogs

so I have come up with a plan: Anyone wants to do a multiblog/collabo? weekly/bi weekly blog. I will establish the blog over the weekend with maybe an email address and anyone can mail their reviews. or something

Obviously you can see this idea is still in the oven. But its definately coming. Feel free to give suggestions.

Enjoy your weekend y’all

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Lost Post

This is actually just a question:
Yesterday, I wrote this post and it briefly appeared then disappeared both from my blog and everywhere else. Can any body tell me what happens, and this is not the first time. I just couldnt be bothered the first time it happened. But now I would like to know…

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Facts or fund raising ploy?

Have you ever been sooo angry you want kill someone? That is me this afternoon, but I can’t kill anyone because AIDS is doing it for us. The HIV report has been released this afternoon. And would you believe it? Infection rates are actually going up. WTF? GOING UP?

Seriously people, my 6-year-old niece can recite how HIV is spread like a poem. How on earth is it possible that infection rates are going up? Has the message been drummed into out heads so much that we no longer hear it?

Apart from throwing Margaret Gachara back into jail, what else can we do? Seriously people, doesn’t the ABCD of prevention work any more? Should we re-strategize? Even in Uganda where the AIDS campaign was so successful the rates have gone up again.

AM ANGRY and so should every one be.

Or is all this a fund raising ploy? Oh come on before you jump on me, we all know the sort of reports NGO’s write to solicit money.

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Is Love by nature manipulative?

I wanted to do one of those monday sucks posts, but really this monday does not suck. Well Man u won (again!), Arsenal drew( again-ha ha ha ha!) Liverpool drew (and am sure they are very very happy about the draw ama aje Aco?) am not mentioning chelsea couz they are not really a footbal club

Anyway, have you ever seen a couple who have nothing in common paka you are like: “aiii, how now?” Well its the love manipulation. Everybody develops multiple personalities when they are in love. They become a different person.

Let me start with love itself: You have been going out with this person for say one month, then suddenly they turn to you and say “I love you”, For the mamas the first thoughts will be “thank God he said it first” but for the jamaas it will be “Damn, Am I supposed to say it back?” And Boom right there is the first love manipulation. You can’t very well say “thank you very much” or “you’re welcome” Of course you have to say “I love yu too” in that shy whispering voice that this words often seem to bring out in everyone.

Now once those words are said, there really is no turning back. Your will is no longer your own. No body other than someone you love can make you wear that red dress over and over and over. (because he said you look good in it- so you keep wearing the dress to please him). Look at how many girls watch soccer without really understanding why Graham Poll was sent home during the world cup.

Why is it that you would kick your friends ass from here to Timbuktu if he suggested you watch cuando ses Mia, but you would gladly watch it with your latest mama? Arent we then manipulated to be who we are not? And its not compromise.

SEX: Anyone who has ever had a one night stand (ONS) will tell you that it easier to give traffic like instructions to someone you know you will never see again, than to someone you will need to share a glass of orange juice with the next morning. WHY? because you do not care what the ONS thinks, but you would want your lover to think the best of you. Chances are you probably enjoyed the ONS alot more!

It is probably why so many people cheat on their partners, they are not allowed to be themselves, the minute you decide to tell your partner that you actually really really like oral sex or you really don’t like sex in the morning “you have changed soo muchwhile infact you haven’t changed, that was the manipulated you!

Tears: Enuff said!

Thought: why do all those chicks in porn flicks wear a chain with a heart on it?

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Naomba mkubwa wangu anilipe double!

I have finally earned my salary. I have done actual work in the last three weeks. I have toured this my adopted country and it was sooo not easy. Am tired beyond words. But I have soo missed blogging. But I met and loved many people along the way.

Hating Kenyans.
hating you guys seems to be a pass time of many people. We were seated at a bar one day, and this two Ugandans at our table started hating on kenyans. One guy had this tirade about how he was robbed in kenya with a panga, and how everyone in Kenya is a thief. Another had a story about how the cops made him pay 100 shillings, “na shillingi mia moja iko pesa mingi sana”. The guy really talked badly about Kenya paka I told him to shut up couz I had a PANGA! LOL

Killing Swahili
You know how they sema ati, Swahili was born in Tanzania, brought up in Kenya, died in Uganda, buried in congo? they should add exhumed and cremated in Sudan. Those sudanese who live around the border of Uganda and congo speak/mutilate many languages. Ati” mimi nasema na wewe na hutaki kusema na mimi?”

Not so christian love
We had to sleep in another church ran place to conduct some community meetings, the manager was the most evil (and not just among christians, but among all human beings). One of my collegues and I are not saved, so the moment she realised that she stopped saying even Good morning to us. Anything she wanted to say to us, she did it through our other collegue who is saved. It got to the point where we were all in agreement about the fact that there are some xtians who believe that their relationship with God is parallel to their relationship with other human beings. How can you be soo evil to other people and think you have the ticket to heaven.

In my absence:
So what has been happening in my absence? Who has fallen in love, Got a new Job, moved country?
to all the new bloggers welcome. To the oldies: Updates please

My update:
Apparently Karma also does some good things to good people (ehhm) Am soooooo in love. Can you see me smiling? Am practically on cloud 9. and yes I will come back down soon enough so let me enjoy this moments. Am operating on the assumption that since am basically a good person and he is also a good person (he chose me so he must be good), then we can expect the best from each other.

But for now I don’t even want to think beyond (funga macho kama bado huja fika umri wa kujitafutia kitambulisho) my bed- aiiii, the brother anaweza kweli. Whichever school he went to, can it open branches all over the world. Every sister needs a brother like this one. We are apart right now and it sucks. I feel soo lonely (like a part of me has been cut off)

Okay I will think of more travel stories as the days go by. And Iam refusing to do any actual work for the next three days. I was soo far in the bush I didn’t even know Gerard Levert died!! Atleast I also did not hear Raila being tiresome.


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