Naomba mkubwa wangu anilipe double!

November 15, 2006 at 12:49 pm Leave a comment

I have finally earned my salary. I have done actual work in the last three weeks. I have toured this my adopted country and it was sooo not easy. Am tired beyond words. But I have soo missed blogging. But I met and loved many people along the way.

Hating Kenyans.
hating you guys seems to be a pass time of many people. We were seated at a bar one day, and this two Ugandans at our table started hating on kenyans. One guy had this tirade about how he was robbed in kenya with a panga, and how everyone in Kenya is a thief. Another had a story about how the cops made him pay 100 shillings, “na shillingi mia moja iko pesa mingi sana”. The guy really talked badly about Kenya paka I told him to shut up couz I had a PANGA! LOL

Killing Swahili
You know how they sema ati, Swahili was born in Tanzania, brought up in Kenya, died in Uganda, buried in congo? they should add exhumed and cremated in Sudan. Those sudanese who live around the border of Uganda and congo speak/mutilate many languages. Ati” mimi nasema na wewe na hutaki kusema na mimi?”

Not so christian love
We had to sleep in another church ran place to conduct some community meetings, the manager was the most evil (and not just among christians, but among all human beings). One of my collegues and I are not saved, so the moment she realised that she stopped saying even Good morning to us. Anything she wanted to say to us, she did it through our other collegue who is saved. It got to the point where we were all in agreement about the fact that there are some xtians who believe that their relationship with God is parallel to their relationship with other human beings. How can you be soo evil to other people and think you have the ticket to heaven.

In my absence:
So what has been happening in my absence? Who has fallen in love, Got a new Job, moved country?
to all the new bloggers welcome. To the oldies: Updates please

My update:
Apparently Karma also does some good things to good people (ehhm) Am soooooo in love. Can you see me smiling? Am practically on cloud 9. and yes I will come back down soon enough so let me enjoy this moments. Am operating on the assumption that since am basically a good person and he is also a good person (he chose me so he must be good), then we can expect the best from each other.

But for now I don’t even want to think beyond (funga macho kama bado huja fika umri wa kujitafutia kitambulisho) my bed- aiiii, the brother anaweza kweli. Whichever school he went to, can it open branches all over the world. Every sister needs a brother like this one. We are apart right now and it sucks. I feel soo lonely (like a part of me has been cut off)

Okay I will think of more travel stories as the days go by. And Iam refusing to do any actual work for the next three days. I was soo far in the bush I didn’t even know Gerard Levert died!! Atleast I also did not hear Raila being tiresome.



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Karma is a B***CH and boy do I love her Is Love by nature manipulative?

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