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Finally arrived home – yes a long time ago, but had to attend some boring boring one week long meeting, What is the point of coming home if I can’t avoid meetings.

But I gotta say am very very excited to be home, now that I have officially started my drink fest (also sometimes called holidays)

It’s so good to be home. I have made some resolutions to help me get through the holiday period:


2. I know its over, but I will not talk about project fame except to advice that Alvin guy (or whatever his name was) That he has a really really bright future as a one man guitar! The one time I actually watched the thing, I could picture him at Roosters. And as for Ian, a guy has issues!

3. I will not go out with ANYONE who drinks and drives!

4. I will not talk to my boss!

5. I will try to get some sort of exercise everyday

6. I will tell everyone who has been good to me this year, Thank you. (on that note let me start, THANK YOU KBW members)

7. I will let non-entities bother me

8. I will love my man to bits

9. I will be good to my village relatives.

10. And finally I will keep safe and pray that everyone finishes the holidays peacefully and in one piece

Thanks everyone and enjoy your holidays be safe. And remember that Christmas is NOT about SARIT centre but about the birth of Christ


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GOING HOME! Year wrap

Finally the year is coming to an end. It has been one hell of a year. Round up of my year so far?

Met a wonderful, wonderful man! That has to rank above everything else for me this year. After being hurt soo badly (may he rot in hell) , I had given up on love and when I was least expecting it, I find happiness and love. And while still on the topic of being hurt, Karma did pay a visit to the dude. (wonder if it camped there ama it has moved on? )

I joined KBW. Where I met many many wonderful blogger/writers. Who made life more bearable for me, I have laughed, felt sad, received some advice on some tricky situations, learnt something about the money market (trust me the fact that I know those words is an achievementin itself). Adrian was actually the first blogger to ever comment on my blog. The first post I wrote did not have any comments and it made me extremely sad (yeah am not one of those people who claim ati they write for themselves. BULL!) It actually matters to me whether or not people comment on my blog. So Adrian Ahsante, you made my day and made me not give up on blogging. And eventually got addicted to it!

Got promoted! After slogging at the bottom and getting orders from twits who just happened to be of the same tribe as the decision makers, I finally got promoted and now I get to give orders to people who think am the twit who got promoted because I belong to the same tribe as the boss! LOL

I got 2 new nephews this year. Lucky for their mothers am away sooo much therefore I cannot spoil them as much as I would want to. Aren’t kids beautiful especially when you can return them to the owner when they poo or start crying?

Kesho I take off from here headed for kenya! to be honest, am not sure I want to come back. I can’t take this anymore. Am tired of all the poverty, hunger, fighting and general suffering. I don’t want to be one of those people who can not live regular lives. Apparently there are some people who thrive in tough situations, sadly I am not one of those people.

I miss discos, bars, TV- watching (as opposed to listening to) football. I can’t stand to see all the pubescent girls being married off to some 60 year old and then inherited by the sons when the mzee dies! But the thing I cant stand the most is the fact that whatever I (we) do is just a drop in the ocean. The hunger and poverty continues. So maybe after I have been in nairobi, around the affluent people, I might get fed up with the wastage of our politicians and come back to a simpler life! Never know. Will keep you posted.

So next time you read anything from me will be from Nairobi.

Enjoy yourselves Y’all and I will pass your greetings to ODM!

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Thank you

Ok, the blog geniusly called bookworms is up and running, and apparently am NOT incompetent just impatient, it just takes KBW volunteers a bit of time. Thanks guys.

Now We all await to read some great reviews. And this therefore means I can now stop milking this issue and get on with my blog block! thank you all for your support in starting this thing (told you I had blog block- kwani you weren’t listening!)

Happy weekend Y’all and USE A CONDOM! (I aint gonna tell you not to do the nasty now am I?)

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