Shite of a weeekend

January 29, 2007 at 11:55 am Leave a comment

I already hate 2007…………why you ask?

I distinctly remember ordering for a happy 2007. In fact I can vividly remember being woken up in the middle of the night on 31/12 /06 by text messages ordering me to have a happy new year. I was very specific complete with details. I was not ambiguous. My order went something like
1. Keep me alive in 2007
2. Keep me employed
3. Still be in love
4. Keep me healthy in 2007
5. Let “him” still be normal in 2007
6. And many more such like specific orders

How can that possibly be confusing. If I go to a bar and order for a beer, then I can understand if the bar man/ woman brings me Guinness- Non specific. But if I order for a Tusker Malt, then I bloody well want a Tusker Malt……

So why did I not get what I ordered for? Look again at number 5. I said normal! How does drinking alcohol in the morning (AT 7 AM) count as normal? Where is smoking 2 packets of cigarettes a day normal? I do not give a Fuck if you are on leave. Drinking before you even brush your teeth is wrong in my eyes and surely in the eyes of God and my ancestors! Musa Nyandusi himself will be turning over in his grave if I didn’t kick this twit to the curb!

Ok you may have gathered by now that what I thought was a normal man, turned out to be CRAZY!! I smoke (yeah I know harmful to health and all) but seriously 2 packets a day is employing too many people at B.A.T.

I don’t care whether two weeks ago I thought the sun rose and set on your ***. I will NOT subject myself to such crap. So over the weekend I told that man that it was sooo over. I have very irrational reactions to alcohol.

The strangest part is that am not sad or weepy (actually I never get weepy). But its as if the whole relationship never happened. I have never in my entire life had such a civilized break up. Maybe he is too full of alcohol to realize that he no longer has a girl friend. Aaaaach!
I am I over reacting or being over sensitive? Or dear God nit picking?


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Githongo Over sensitive?

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