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Out of service (for a while)

its been a while. hope everyone is doing good.

I have been in the bush and will be going back in the bush in the next day or so.

Therefore, this blogger will be out for a while.

I am looking for volunteer (s) to take up the honour that is managing Bookworms (yeah I know I have been doing a lazy ass job of managing it)

Bants Una roho?



Promise to come back with stories from the “new” improved sudan


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Over sensitive?

That AD actually says : Give monthly and Deliver THEM from evil
Is it because am In a sad place right now? Or is it that I have seen where the money comtributed goes or is it really idiotic to put up such an Ad?

What is this evil that “they” are being delivered from? And who are “they”

Oh am such a Cynic

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