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April 13, 2007 at 12:36 pm Leave a comment

Anyone who had any doubt that I was cured of my bloggaddiction just needs to look at the date of my last entry. I am happy to report that I am back to civilization- though am not very sure it is civilization after seeing the mount elgon clashes !

How is everyone?

Kwanza I would like to thank Bants for holding forte over at bookworms. (despite the fact that he was asking people to do reviews in Sheng……………………*SMH*) Bants you are by far the most talented and probably the only sheng writer in the Kenyan Blog sphere. And am glad to report that he did not pull a “nation”Asante Bants.

Haya I believe you need to leave this country to appreciate the changes that have happened, the moment I landed my first impression was how clean Nairobi had become- but again that could be due to the fact that I had been in the bush! A few other things I have noticed:

  1. Politicians are still trivial, pointless and Oh so irrelevant. Whats with the stupid hummer debate? People, human beings are dying in Mt Elgon…….and these guys are talking about some ugly car? And suddenly all of them are getting self righteous: ati how can you spend all that money on a car and you are the MP of the biggest slum in Africa. Its not even as if had he not bought a hummer he would have spent that money in Kibera. Besides Ryan Sycreast and Simon Cowell will develop Kibera!
  2. At any given time in this country there is a station playing a song by Akon. To be fair the guy has many songs. I wish he could just go away and take Rhianna with him.
  3. Raila is still up to date with the movements of the Artur brothers. How? Why?
  4. We still have no president.

Now that I have reported arrival, shall be catching up with old friend here and looking forward to making new ones as well. Thanks everyone.
Enjoy the weekend


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