The Bush, the Love and the corruption

April 18, 2007 at 5:11 pm Leave a comment

First of let me declare that I love Sudan (south-couldn’t give a F**** about the north) and all its people. (realise how we do that when we know that what we are going to say next will not be very flattering?) They have adopted me in a way I can not imagine or believe that Kenyans would. But the fact that I love them does not mean I can’t see the wrong that is going on.

In the last 3 months I have been to almost every corner of this vast country (and it is big I tell you). The peace signing was hyped so much and it was seen as the second coming. It was like manna was gonna start falling the moment peace was signed….Every villager believed it. Everywhere you go they tell you the same thing. How they knew their lives would improve. Unfortunately this euphoria has turned into despair and distrust for the leaders- who are unelected.

This is the third year since the CPA was signed and nothing is happening. No schools are being built, no roads, no hospitals.

Many of the official are people who had fled the war to countries like Kenya, unfortunately they learnt a little too well from our Kenyan politicians how to get paid to do nothing. There are rumours that some government officials receive a salary but they live in the US and UK………..HOW ????????? Another rumour has it that ministers are paid 35,000 USD to go for treatment abroad. SERIOUSLY? whether this rumours are true or not, the fact remains that they are in the public perception and this is how the public views them.

What is not a rumour is that the equivalent of a Provincial Commissioner drivers around with almost 8 cars and more that 20 security guards. This show of affluence in the face of people who can barely afford one meal a day is unfortunately only matched by NGO’s. Aaaaach African leaders when shall we learn.

Well, I better stop there before I get arrested like the so called Rumbek 6. Apparently there are quiet a number who have been arrested and remanded bila trial for eons……..and try being arrested in a country without laws!


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still Kenyan I hate mondays all over again!

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