I hate mondays all over again!

April 23, 2007 at 12:31 pm Leave a comment

You know how you wake up one morning and just feel like shit? Well, that is how I feel this morning…….Nothing major has happened (well except for the man U draw) but I feel like I hate every single person I meet this morning. And no its not PMS! (shidwe) Then I remember this quote that I read somewhere:

“All things come to those who wait, provided he knows what he is waiting for”

Then it hit me: Iam sooo fed up with Sudan, my job, my boss and my colleagues, am just waiting here for something to happen. Unfortunately I don’t know what that is. I have reached a point where I really don’t care what happens as long as something does. I do realise that I may have to make something happen, but I don’t want to. I don’t have the energy it will take to get off my ass at this particular moment. And I strongly suspect I will wake up kesho feeling slightly better. Well will wait and see.

Meanwhile I made this list just to cheer myself up:
You know that program “wife swap”? Well here are some people who should swap

  • Justin Timber(lake) and Lenny Kravitz (JT thinks he is black and Kravitz has multiple tattoos and piercings)
  • Beyonce and JLO (B thinks she is white and JLO has a black ass)
  • Kamotho and Tuju (need I say more)
  • Eve d Souza and Shanice (Eve knows black music better than most blacks while shanice should just go)
  • Rick Dees and Walt baby Love
  • Oprah and Ellen (In what must be the only joke 50 cent has ever made, he called Oprah an Oreo- black on the outside, white on the inside, LOOL. While Ellen does have black fun)

Please cheer me up and add some more Swaps!

Ok am off to wallow in my misery!
Enjoy your week Y’all

Currently reading: Jackie Collins: Hollywood Kids (I know)
Listening to: Blue October-Hate me


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