Weekend of over achievers and monday is here!

April 30, 2007 at 1:37 pm Leave a comment

Does it look like I only post on Monday? Well I better start liking the day then!

Anyway, I am glad to report that I had a very good weekend. It rained which means the temperatures are at a managable level. And just to make the weekend even better, MAN U WON, CHELSEA DREW! he he he he….Swiftly moving on.

Don’t you just Hate overachievers?
They make everyone else look sooo inadequate. Think about planet Australia for example, on Saturday they won the cricket world cup for the third time in a row! That sax! When they white washed England in the Ashes, I was happy (well mostly coz I never support England in any sport) But to win the world cup three times in a row? That’s just plain rude!
That is the reason I stopped supporting Roger Federer until the day he was beaten! Now I can support him again. Because now he seems human.

I just don’t understand the need to be that perfect. Is it an inferiority complex, or a need to prove something to the world? Is it enough to be the best and leave it at that, or do we need to prove over and over again that we are the best? Is it so wrong to be average?

People like Federer, Schumacher, Planet Australia, Sergey Bubka, are they that exceptional or is everyone else just not that good?

Spent the weekend watching House: You gotta love that guy. He is rude, abusive, arrogant but alas a genius.

Final thought: I heard a story about some archaeologist who has discovered that our great great great grandfathers were just as frisky as we are now. Threesomes, group sex, bestiality! Ooooh am trolling the Internet for that report…….Finally we have an answer to those shoshos who shake their heads and say “watoto wa siku hizi wame haribika.” Its inherited!

Listening to: Over my head- The fray
Reading: (Just finished) Alone – Lisa Gardner (check Bookworms for my request!)


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