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Beautiful weekend! but still on strokes! (sorry strike)

I thought I would never again post here, but Hey! life happens……..still waiting to join the web ring!

Any who’s…….I had the best weekend in the longest time. Initially I was at a loss about what to do with myself! See my life is very dependant on two things:
the radio and the Internet! The radio only because I can listen to football! but as everyone knows its the beginning of a long and boring soccerless life. I feel nothing for rugby or round us aka baseball.

So there I was twiddling my thumbs, and having a boring ass discussion about the May blue moon. And then (*drum rolls* ) the creature from out of this world (previously unknown to all of you) makes an appearance with the most beautiful phrase in South Sudan:

would you like to go for a drink?
(dude a beer is 250 kshs!)

The man is too beautiful despite the fact the he got me totally and absolutely plastered! The entire weekend….

You know how you meet a man/woman and you could sell you mathe and her chicken and cat to hit it? When you get all hot and bothered just looking at his legs? For the first time EVER the heat/sun was my friend couz people have to wear shorts! This is that man! walahi I coulda sold Y’all had you been there! Heck I probably sold my grandmathe. This is how beautiful this man is: I could have stopped supporting Man U just for one night with this walking, talking temptation!

So did I hit it? (clearing throat)

Don’t panic fellow passengers I have a mega rider for the bilaz train! Damn marriage vows!
I didn’t even know that people still take those seriously! I mean!

Departure point:
Is it wrong to black out when kamataing strokes? (totally unrelated to my weekend)

Have a great week Y’all and hope next time I post I will be in my new home!


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Am sure everyone knows why am crying!

pepo Mbaya, paka mweusi! Apparently while we were sleeping, Drogba went and became a world class player!
Mwangi, Kirima, Mocha, Pekiro and all manu fans? Mupo!
Archer, farmgirl: SHUD UFF!

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Blink if you can read this

click here!

Seriously am trying my Word press! so I needs feed back

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Si am just trying

Mocha, mbiri, dadu!  One, doo, deree! desding, desding

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Monday Randomness

We are the champs (officially) so I really can’t complain this Monday. And I had a great great weekend. Since I officially blog on Mondays and the tagging business is over here are some random things that have amazed me recently:

1. Apparently there has been a discussion recently in the blog sphere about how bloggers should be compelled to reveal their identities so that people are more responsible for what they write…first off, I think I missed this discussion, and secondly Would you reveal your identity? if bloggers wanted to do that wouldn’t they become journalists? And would your posts be the same if everyone knew who you were?

2. Ati, the population of bees is decreasing in the US, one bee keeper being interviewed said how they noticed that the bees’ condition was changing….How on earth did they decide that? were the bees thinner perhaps, ama the wings were not fluttering as much? how? And the reason? Mobile phones! go figure

3. The in thing this days in new Mexico is restaurants for dogs! Sheeeeeesh.

4. EPL is over, FA and all other leagues will be over soon, Champions league was over when man u was chucked!(shidwe, pepo mbaya, paka mweusi Milan) ! cricket world cup over! what on earth will people be doing? why cant the ICC, FIFA and that rugby thing (no clue whatsoever) co-ordinate so that the events are spread out?

Obviously Iam dissolving into nothingness so Off I go!

Princess, umemaliza The innocent man? don’t want to spoil it for you? (actually am waiting for your review!)

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Is this like a yearly event or something? Did I not over share last year? anyways. Thanks to Mwari and apparently inexes here goes:

1. I can never go out with someone I consider dumb! ever! sometime back I met this real eye candy, and things were progressing soo well, then he goes and asks if my hair grows dreadlocked! Needless to say, Have no idea where he is now!

2. I feel nothing for clothes, shoes or any latest fashions. I will often be in jeans and T shirt

3. If I perceive someone to be a snob, I will cut you off, I also cannot stand discrimination and bias of any type. (Age and size is the worst sort of discrimination because it is often soo subtle!)

4. I get bored very very easily! I have a very short attention span! I can tolerate a man whose strokes are average, or who is kinda poor, but never a man without a sense of humour!

5. Most women who have met me don’t like me! Mostly couz I get along better with men. I grew up a tom boy and prefer to do things that are considered “manly” I ride motorbikes, drive tractors, climb trees (well not any more), can fix tyres, can do basic mechanics on my car, can have a one night stand! (eeh too much information)

6. I have a sister I don’t get along with and we hardly ever talk.

7. This was really hard to do, especially couz I didnt want to repeat what I had said last year.

Bonus: though I majored in arts, am a genius with gadgets! (Hmmmm, just saying)

As a sign of my everlasting love for you guys, I have tagged you!

Can you tag Aggregator?

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Blogspot Vs WordPress

Alright, I have decided to give myself (actually its more for my dear customers!) a blogversary present by sprucing up my blog……. but I really can’t decide on whether to stick with what I have and revamp it ama I move to word press.

I like word press couz you can like respond to a comment directly……….but that’s about all I know. So wenyeji, can you please tell me the pros and cons of each!
BTW one of the spelling suggestions for wenyeji is wanker! No offense!

Currently reading: Innocent Man – John Grisham (will definitely post a review)
Listening to: What hurts the most- Rascal Flatts

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