Week one: Diary of a former chimney!

June 9, 2007 at 11:01 am Leave a comment

Never, ever smoke: your mother was right after all!

smoked the last cigarette! was pretty drunk so really didn’t feel anything…. This is too easy. What is the Fuss all about? Finally go to bed at about midnight

Monday 6.30 am
Rise and shine, weekend over. Time to start the week. Due to the over indulgence of the weekend, I did not have time to prepare for the week. So I have to wake up like really really early. I have a funny feeling in my throat! something is missing. Oh well, maybe its just a hangover.

8.00 am: Give away ALL my remaining stock…..
coffee finished…any smoker will tell you that these are the best to smoke:

  • after coffee
  • after food
  • in the morning
  • with a beer!
  • after sex! he he he he

I need a stick like now! but I have to prove to the world that am tough. So curb the urge.

IM my sister and tell her I have stopped smoking: I think she is still in hospital recovering from the shock!

1.00 pm: Lunch! food has no taste, water no taste, I need a sweet!

Day one over! I always said that if I finish day one, then I will be fine: (woooi someone should have warned me!)

Nothing happening, just fighting the cravings. Food is horrible, I just want something sweet.

Day starts okay. Me full of determination. Work sax, yada yada yada.

6.00 pm
Visitors in the compound…. 2 crates of beer!

Dear Lord,
Please strike all this people dead

should I have a beer or not? Ok maybe one…….two…..three……

9.00 Pm
I will never for as long as I live forget being chased around with a slipper because I was about to break down and smoke! LOOOL

Actually feeling good! my room has no cigarette smoke smell, my clothes smell ok. Food is beginning to taste better! this no smoking thing has benefits
More drinks, more craving. Luckily this time no slipper!

12.00 midnite
I once read this thing, ati kissing a smoker is like kissing an ash tray. So I ask the delectable one (D1? yeah he is still around, so I keep getting on and off the BT) if there is a difference between kissing a smoker and a non smoker? attention all smokers: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

I have a new admiration for people who break addictions. I have never had to do anything so hard in my entire life.
So the weekend is here, lets see how many slippers are used this weekend!


BAT: nil

Half n Half: 1


Entry filed under: Scores.

Phew! Former chimney : Week 2!

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