One of my favourite programs on radio is a BBC pro…

June 20, 2007 at 11:27 am Leave a comment

One of my favourite programs on radio is a BBC program called culture shock! basically reporters go around the world looking for strange trends. So jana ama was it Juzi they had this trend from Antwerp of A hug for a truffle! how it works is that if you see a lonely looking person you give them a chocolate truffle in exchange for a hug! (reverse psychology or something). Anyway for a brief moment I felt all warm and fuzzy thinking of all those hurried looking people in Nairobi who could really use a hug. But then I imagined all the handbags that would go flying on dudes heads! What with all the muggings that takes place in Nairobi! Oh guess not.

Sometimes we get really really bored and have this stupid arguments and questions, so here are some of them: Will reveal my answers in my next post!

  • Rank in order of liking: Alcohol, sex, football.(or your favourite sport)
  • For the dudes, your mum or your wife/gfriend?
  • For the dudettes, your dad or your husband/boyfriend?
  • What is the most stupid thing you have done for love (lust)
  • What lie have you ever told to get a shag?

Smoking update:
Still not smoking! But on Saturday, one of our colleague who had been away came back from home. Obviously he had lots of alcohol and he is also a smoker. Anyway at some point I fungiad him jicho so that he could give me a puff……. slipper guy was not looking. But when he handed me the cigarette, I loooooked at it, and just gave it back to him!
Iam I proud of myself or what?

Haya mujienjoi


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