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Good bye

This is my last week in this place! I have been here way way too long. Longer than anyone should be in any place that is not their home!

In the many years that I have been here, I have grown to HATE the place. I’m not sorry to say this, but it is not a good place no matter what anyone tells you, then again if anyone tells you Sudan is a nice place they are LYING! First of they do not like Kenyans! I can not honestly say why and neither can they. Maybe couz tumejaa hapa!

Aaaaaand then, Adultery is a crime! A crime! seriously not just a sin but a crime, with a fine of 2,500 USD! that is the most expensive *that thing* I have ever come across. And it can’t even whistle or cook chapo! aiiii

The weather is extreme, it is either flooding or 45 degrees! (where is the degrees thingy on the key board?)

But I did meet some good people e.g D1 *NEWSFLASH*: stop sending me abusive emails, I will leave him! sheesh kwani you have never heard of no strings attached! sheeeeee. Am sure the emails were not from my regular readers. ūüôā And if I shika you I will do the horizontal Rhumba with your D1! (Ducking mawe!) Am joking, cheating is wrong, blah blah blah


am with Kirima, take care of you domes and leave me alone! I shagged one married man not all the men of the world…..aaaaaaaaaaaaand the prollem is your husband, deal with him and leave me alone! If it was not¬†me it¬†would be someone else!

back to regular programming: 

In a few days I go back to Nairobi for a brief period then I think am off to somewhere else,¬†don’t know where yet, God please let it be a place with a phone! ¬†Shall update, once I flush this place out of my system.


Seriously today’s posts are all by that political blog, analysing the constituencies! first of, doesn’t nation do that? is what he is saying any different? Aaaargh, do we have to read about them everywhere we turn? someone should regulate him/her!

not a rant but happy belated birthday to EGM and karibu kenya!


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Thinking should be left to the professionals

“I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,
life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

Am sad! and not just that sadness that goes away after 2 beers…………..noooooo I would be soo lucky! The sadness that grips you by your throat and doesn’t let go! I have finally understood why Iam always reading something or watching something. Confused? let me start from the beginning.

I spent the weekend with a friend (yes that one AKA D1). But I woke up Monday morning feeling very restless. Am one of those people who HATES morning and have to struggle to wake up. But I was awake by 6.30am on a Monday morning.

I had finished the book I was reading so I had nothing to do! That is when the stupid thinker in me decided to assert itself! I started wondering where my life was going? ( rolling eyes at my stupidity) I never EVER do such things. Iam embarrassed to admit that am one of those people who just goes with the flow! Don’t get me wrong I do plan, but I keep it at an absolute minimum. Otherwise am a case of bring it on! Am like a very weak tree, if the wind blows east, then east I go.

 So you can imagine my shock when I actually started thinking only to realise that my life really does need an adjustment! And am not even close to being happy!  Initially I thought it is just Monday blues and separation anxieties. But its Wednesday today, nothing has changed, I still feel empty inside, Sad and unadulterated hatred for my collegues (well to be fair that is usually a permanent state!) I feel like nothing matters in this world. Am I going crazy? AAAARRRRGGGH I should never be allowed to think! NEVER.

 Smoking update: Still sober (what is the equivalent in smoking?) but I could kill for a smoke right now! Archer can you mail me one?

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