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Haki am still alive!

Hallo people,

sorry been away for a while, my office seems to think they should milk every single bit of intelligence (Yes I have some of that! X am not an imbecile)  I got before I finally leave them.

I did arrive in Kenya, and I did know about the meet up last sato, but I was in a land far far away, near nairobi!

This was just a shor post to reassure everyone that I have not been kidnapped, but still on a break trying to sort out some shit! So fear not, will be back after a short while.

Happy times Y’all:

Side bar:

A man was brought before the judge and charged with Necrophilia that is – (making love to a dead person) The judge told him, “In 20 years on the bench, I’ve never heard such a disgusting, immoral thing. Just give me one good reason why I shouldn’t lock you up and throw away the key!”
The man replied, “I’ll give you THREE good reasons:
1.It’s none of your damn business;
2.She was my wife; and…..
3.I didn’t KNOW she was dead, she ALWAYS acted that way!”

So ladies try to move a little during the game.
Guys, if a lady is not moving, stop immediately and check if she is alive.


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