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Where are all the european creepy crawlies

Who knows that lizard that does press ups before it moves anywhere? Man I miss that crawly! I swear I haven’t gone crazy.

The other day I saw some birds and I was wondering what they were eating couz I have NEVER seen an insect since I came! None! Maybe its couz I was soo used to things crawling everywhere.  A fly here, a kamosquitoe there, caterpillar, snakes, rats etc. Wajama even in nairobi you still see a kafly and some mosquitoes. Heck even a snake sometimes

I am not even talking about the ugly crawlies, even the cute ones like butterflies, beetles (not the cow dung ones)

Nothing, Nada. No insects. And don’t tell me someone collected them and took them to the zoo, who collected the shetulas?

Seriously Mocha, and Farmgal where are the insects?

And No am not bored, I want insects


October 30, 2007 at 5:38 pm 19 comments

Bet you thought I went missing!

Breath in, breath out!

Trust my office to send me from one extreme to the other! Before I could say culture shock, here I am in a totally different place. Iam running a competition to see who can guess where Iam… Here are a few clues

  1. It has many white people
  2. They see the sun about once a year! I think, though they have a season called summer
  3.  They have the worst accent ever!
  4. They have the most famous beer in the world. (this should give it away!)

The winner gets a night for two in their very own beds! (Don laugh- ask X what a privilege this is)

October 23, 2007 at 3:03 pm 26 comments