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Sober Christmas? WHY

Happy holidays Y’all.

Am hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas, boxing day (or as we call it here, st Stephens day). And I PRAY that by the time you read this, we shall at least have a president and North Horr will have known who their member of parliament is…

Anywhoo, it has taken me kadhaa days to get over this but, can you believe that bars (pubs) are closed for the two Christmas days over here? That was truly beyond culture shock. Ati Christmas is a time for family! How now? Don’t mistake me, I love my family and everything, but two whole days?  That is a recipe for disaster!

As far as am concerned, this is how Christmas should be done:

25th December:

9 am: For the dudes:Slaughter the goat (or chicken, or rabbit, or cow- whatever tickles your fancy)  or go to church

11 am: make chapo, pilau, stew (basically food)

12 noon: for the dudes: make the mutura

1 pm to 2 pm: lunch is served

2pm to 4 pm: bond with the family

4.30 pm: BAR! Till further notice

26th December

Hangover and back to the bar.

That is the reason there is no work during this season. Now why would you deny bar men and women an income?

Aaaand then (no am not finished) clubs (or discos if you were born in the 60’s and 70’s) close at 2 am! surely.. explain the sense in this? where do their cabs make money from if not carrying drunk people home at 5 am? Me I don’t know how to deal with this country, and I have not even started on the CONSTANT rain! But that’s for another day.

See, give me enough time and I will get something to complain about! am  not back officially just needed a wider audience to whine to since no one else is giving me the appropriate (i.e. outrage) reaction to this.

If I dont see you elsewhere, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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