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Are we moving on yet?

Can we go back to blogging about stuff that is not politics! I hate what politics has done to otherwise sane people, so am not dwelling! (surely even the joke blog is back)

Am swiftly moving on to a hilarious sad encounter! Today si I go town to walk about, I know its a work day but hey people get toothaches,headaches and women’s sicknesses etc. Anywho, I may hate the weather in Dublin (am still waiting for snow), but it is one the most beautiful places I have been to. The architecture is just old and beautiful. So I love escaping my responsibilities and just go to town to take pictures which I must say are not as beautiful as EGMs…..*sigh* Oh well

So today as am walking about what do I hear? Mugithi! Me and my kimbelembeles rush to the shop, si I have heard kenyans. Waa shock on me! here is the conversation:

Me: Hallo

Her: Harro

Me: sasa,

Her: Fiti

Me: Wee ni mkenya?

Her: No am not a Kenyan. Am a  zambian who stayed in Kenya for a few months

Bloody likely! With that accent? Like hell!

Me: so where in kenya did you stay (am nosy like that)

Her: am sorry am bise, can you come back some other time!

Clues: kayamba mugithi, Kenyan coffee,  masaai market curios, mugikuyu accent…………aiii.

I have come home and riled to my collegue about it. But apparently most of us are going around denying we are Kenyans couz of the recent events and how we have been portrayed in the media… There is absolutely no way I will deny am a Kenyan, EVER!

I have never been put off like that! My fault for being nosy! Sawa tu!

Haya…. Stay safe Y’all


January 16, 2008 at 5:41 pm 20 comments

I hate it…….

I hate it that my motherland is bleeding

I hate it that my country is bleeding because of people who have been in politics since before I was born

I hate it that young men who were not born when this old men started politics are dying

I hate it that because of them women old enough to be their grandmothers are dying

I hate it that children young enough to be their grand daughters will never enjoy the beauty of Kenya because the are dead!

I hate it that friends and neighbors are turning foe

I hate it that intelligent men and women are becoming tribal, abusive and hate filled

I hate it that we are burning and bleeding while they sit in their comfort making grandiose-chest thumping-mine is longer than yours statements!

I hate it that every time I check my mail Kenya is on the headlines

I hate it that am able to check mail and my friends and family can not

I hate it that we are on the news along Pakistan and Darfur

I hate it that Desmond Tutu is in Kenya and not to visit Maasai Mara

I hate it that red cross is appealing on behalf of Kenya

I hate it that we have refugees in Nairobi

I hate it that we need humanitarian assistance

I hate it that I have to wake up everyday at 4 am to find out whether my family is still alive

I hate it that I can not think of anything else

I hate it that people look at me with pity every time I introduce myself

I hate it that my landlady (whom I hate) feels sorry for me

I hate it that I am not able to come home

Most of all:

I hate it that my humanitarian experience may be required in my motherland!

January 3, 2008 at 1:56 pm 15 comments