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We rule….

SIGH, an all english final…… but having said that.

MAN UNITED RULES! despite the fact that I almost died watching that game.

Now benitez quickly lock up Riise…..Go liverfools


April 30, 2008 at 12:40 am 10 comments

Mountain/ HILL climbing

What is the difference between a mountain and a really really big hill? why do I ask this?

Ok so this weekend I skived work and school and went mountain/hill climbing! Everyone and I mean every single person who knows me, knows that am the sort of person who will take a mat or a tuk tuk (I love this things!) from railways to Nairobi university (Sudduf). So the first time my irish friend asked me to go mountain climbing, I gave her those looks of “are you from mars?” But slowly the idea started growing on me, and I decided to do it.

First we drove almost six hours to get to the mountain town and as we drove, my mind kept on shifting from “girl take a bus and go right back to dublin” and “ok gal, this has to be fun”. Anywho we finally arrived late in the night and decided to go check out the local pub scene.  We ended up sleeping at around 3 am! Obviously we are not serious mountaineers!

Now the next morning is when the monumental argument broke out! As far as am concerned, a mountain is a huge mammoth of a thing! what stood before us was obviously in my very right opinion a HILL. But no amount of arguing would convince my colleagues that the thing infront of us was a hill…..that not withstanding, we proceeded to climb the HILL. Which took us almost 3 hours! Which infact validated my argument. No self respecting mountain would be climbed to the top by a lazy hangovered person like me in three hours!


Now, what I didnt mention was that I had a report due today! by the time I was skiving work, I had not even started the damn thing! So me to wake up today, muscles sore and hurting like hell, head pounding thanks to crazy amounts of alcohol and boss calling me asking for report! (Over my very fruitful weekend I had been taught how to call voice mail directly to avoid talking to said boss! which I had done and coughed and heaved myself out of work). So Iam debating whether to do the voice mail thing again tomorrow or just go face the music!

On a totally unrelated matter, do we still have space in the BT train? I loose track of who is there right now!  I was right all along, Absence really does make the heart go yonder.

Well have a Boss free week!

April 22, 2008 at 2:05 am 7 comments


Can anyone think of a more yawn inducing final than an all English champions league Final? This is why I will support Barcelona!

Dont get me wrong am married to Man U till death do us part, but an all English final is something we have been watching since the season began, so I dont fancy extending it into Europe!

On the other hand maybe the English are looking at it as compensation for not qualifying for Euro 2008! Speaking of which, I may just extend my stay in Europe just to go watch it!


Go Barca!

April 10, 2008 at 5:04 pm 7 comments

Why? and pics!

It does feel good to be writing about nothing serious. This has been the idlest weekend I have had in a while, so I got to my favourite pass-time: trawling the internet. And I discovered some things that annoy me no end:

  1. That Question it application. Every time I log on to my mail box there is some body asking me “have you ever had a crush on a teacher” ama “have you ever cheated on your partner” , “have you ever written a song for your boyfriend”, are you the jealous type?” and other inane questions like this. Who wants this information? what for? who cares if I had a crash on my PE teacher is class 5? Is there someone sitting somewhere saying “okay 26.87% of women below the age of 24 using yahoo have had a crush on their teacher while jealously writing a song for their partner who they are not faithful to!” Arrrgh
  1. Loyal Fan application: I have no clue who or what this is supposed to be, but I occasionally get mails ati Jane, or John or Angelique wants to be your most loyal fan? Who is Angelique and why on earth do they want to be my loyal fan? Do they not have jobs, school, husbands, wives, dogs, cats, hamsters etc? Am all for making friends on the internet but I don’t want loyal fans I hardly know exist!
  1. What exactly is the meaning of the word Duh? is it a swahili word like Mbotela used to say “duh mpira umekuwa mwingi ukatoka nje” or is it an english word as in Duh (rolling eyes at stupidity)

On a happy note I finally managed to get the picture of the street washing dudu car! Kajo are you seeing?

And the next day I think

Now below is the ugliest thing I have ever seen, that sculptor keeps moving like “man with axe chopping trees in the forest” (I bet that is what it is called) all freaking day! Tres creepy

Byee Good week everyone!

April 8, 2008 at 1:28 am 12 comments

Thank you!

Hi guys,

Thanks everyone! things are fine now, lessons have been learnt.

On another note everyone should be envious of Mwari, I know I am. I do believe Switzerland is the most organized and beautiful country in the world.

And clean!

(picha of street being washed has kataad)
Had fun, and will definately be back as soon as I get a free minute

Again thanks for all the prayers!

April 3, 2008 at 7:19 pm 8 comments