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Cleansing me……

They say (I dont know who they are so don’t ask me) acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. I am deciding to cleanse myself today so Iam doing a solo tag….. but If you feel you want to cleanse yourself do feel free. But this is my bad list…

Cruelest thing I have ever done(so far)

This guy I had been going out with for like 3 months used to bore me to D.E.A.T.H. his jokes were the most boring, bigoted, sexist jokes ever and he could laugh about them for hours! the strokes were not that funny either, and basically there was zilch chemistry. Finally decided I couldn’t stand it and him a minute longer. So one night he calls me up and asks me if he can come to my place but I didn’t have the heart to tell him I didn’t want to see him so I said yes, but could he call before he left the bar. Then I switched off my phone. The next day I told him my husband was coming back from the US (its the only country I could think of).

One thing I have ever done that I regret

Not standing up for my friend when people around me were gossiping about him. I later felt like the biggest coward/fraud in the world. I never did tell him what guys were saying for fear of hurting him (not because of what people said but because I did not stand up for him)

One thing I have ever done that was wrong but didn’t regret

D1 (enough said)

Best revenge I ever had

My best revenge moment actually happened a few days ago, we had gone to town for some shopping and we happened to go into one of those big chain stores (I wont mention names in case they come looking for me) anyway as we were browsing one of the employees looked at us and crossed herself.. seriously crossed herself as in “in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit” WTF….. So I took a piece of trash that I had been trying to dispose of and put it in one of the trouser pockets of their display clothes! And I swear to God I didn’t feel bad about doing it…

Worst fantasy

I fantasize alot about really really bad things happening to people who have been unfair or mean to me. I imagine them suffering sometimes long painful episodes of disease, or loosing a job or equally bad stuff. If it is an ex I can get really creative like him being dumped publicly by his current chick, him getting erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation,  I know.. am a bad person

Worst lie I ever told

My dad was a strict disciplinarian, and he had the misfortune of siring the most undisciplined child (thats me in case you were wondering) who thought life was made up of partying and my dad was being unfair by stopping me from going out. One time after clearing fourth, my friend and I really really really wanted to go for this party out of town which everyone was going to. So we told my dad that one of our classmates had lost her grandmother and we wanted to go to their shags for the funeral…..I know, straight to hell I will be going.

One person I could kill if I could get away with it

This guy...

Moment I wish I could reverse

One month ago when I lit a cigarette again… sigh, I know, I know, I know and I can see you all shaking your heads, pointing fingers at me and cursing me in your mother/father tongues

One B.A.D. thing I would really really like to do before I die….


Good now am cleansed..

Have a great week Y’all


    May 19, 2008 at 2:27 am 25 comments

    Nyumba Ndogos

    Stop the presses, 100 posts! Any literary agents around?

    Moving on, today I was listening to Capital Fm Chris and Alan (or one of them) and they had this discussion about men who have “other ” families. And there was this lady whose dad had been married to her mum for like 35 years and just the other day she discovered the dad had a whole other family that they didnt know about! 35 years? and absolutely no clue? I find that hard to believe! She didnt know? I thought women had that intuition thing? I must confess I dont have it! I mean I had a boyfriend back in the day who until he told me there was another women I had absolutely no clue. Then another woman called and she gave her story, basically she met this guy and  months into the relationship he told her he was married, by which point she was head over heels in love with him, long story short she didnt break up with him and proceeded to have a baby with him who is now in (if memory serves) pre-unit, and the man is taking care of them and his wife and family has absolutely no idea!

    As more and more people kept calling with such stories, I kept on wondering why this type of arrangements  are becoming more and more common. Those horror stories of kids coming out of the woodworks when the man dies are not shocking anymore? There were no angry wives calling to hurl insults at what used to be called ‘hos, home wreckers, breaking up peoples homes! Does this mean this is more acceptable now? ama its becoming a case where wives say you can play all you want with my husband, but at the end of the day he comes home to me? If I were in the same position would I tolerate it? I dont know. But I already said am never getting married because of women like me!

    Unlike the woman who discovered that the man was married well into the relationship, my friend has been going out with this married guy for about 2 years, she got into the relationship knowing very well that he is married. The other day they deliberately decide that they want a baby! She claims that the guy has made it plain and clear that he loves his wife, happy in his marriage and he is never  gonna leave her, but he loves her as well and has no problem having the two! Apart from the girl being an idiot, I have two problems with this, first of all, if the guy was soo happy at home would he need to cheat? And secondly, What do you tell your kid about the daddy? I have been there and thats the reason I can never pass judgment on women who go out with married men, and I know its not easy, you get attached to someone and you want them there with you yet knowing perfectly well that they cant be there. I cant even begin to imagine how this works when there are kids involved.

    On the other hand there is the women who know their husband is cheating sometimes he is a serial cheater, moving from one women to another (sometimes siring children), but they still stay. Its easy to leave a cheating boyfriend but how easy is it to leave a cheating husband? Would you leave a cheating wife/husband?

    But spare a thought for the poor blokes who raise other mens children, couz Its easy for a woman to have kids with another man and pass them off as their husbands but for men its different, they cant lie you cant very well bring a toi and tell your wife its hers now can you?

    Have a cheating free week wont you!

    May 6, 2008 at 12:49 am 23 comments