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Is JKIA the new K street

Naomba niwasalamie! Shikamoo from the land of Kikwete!

Eeeh yes, I moved again but this time its for pleasure! Just visiting.

Anyway yesterday I was at the airport early, by almost 4 hours on account of the fact that my relatives are tired of waving bye to me and have decided that from now on I will travel to the airport by taxi (I didnt think they hated my gifts that much either! Sigh) Anyway, I was sitting at the depature pub and this chick walks in,  dressed decently tu and walks straight to a table which had an odiero dude. Automatically my mind goes stereotypical but she proved me wrong by buying her own beer. For some time I thought I was just being mean. Lakine kedo 15 mins the guy left, so what does the girl do?

She stands and walks straight to another table with an odiero and did the exact same thing! Sat with him and started chatting, I gues she realised from the first guy that she will not get anywhere by just sitting there sipping her tusker…. So they chat for a while, the guy buys her a beer and unfortunatley I think he had to go catch his flight! And what do you know. she does what? YOU GUESSED RIGHT…walks straight to the next table which had an odiero.. She wasnt even pretending ati there were no other seats!

Unfortunately I had to go catch my flight so I dont know if any odiero missed his flight and chose to go with her instead! Is this what is called networking? Couz if it was sales, she should have just gone to arrivals, there is bound to be a stranded and /or adventure seeking ones.

Poor JKIA! Lucky white travelling people..they have future contacts. Poor K street watchies..they have lost business. By the way are there P.I.M.P.S in K street?

Off to watch Russia Vs Spain. Jana I was supporting Turkey and they lost! Dare Russia loose today!

Enjoy and have a non furious weekend!


June 26, 2008 at 10:16 pm 18 comments

Why are we furious? Twice!

Kenyans are a bunch of furious people: Sample this two headlines in todays nation and standard:

Nation: FURY over IPO refunds

Standard: FURY against MPs

Are we really  furious? Or do we just have the same paper editors?

Whatever the case am so happy to be back home.. I have maximum respect for people who leave home for years! I was away for less than a year and I absolutely hated it. I was lonely half the time and bored the other half.  Took me for ever to get used to pubs closing at 12.00 midnite. So on my first weekend back I went out till 6 am just to make up.

One thing I miss though is automatic doors! (I know am fickle) but those things are the best invention. You dont have to touch any door knobs! We need a ministry for this! Minister of automatic doors! I vote Akaranga for this.

Ok am out

Oh yeah before I go, why do we have Eastlands, Westlands, Southland but no Northlands? Why dont we have northlands?

Now am out!

June 20, 2008 at 9:08 pm 15 comments

On the move again

Ok she is on the move again!

Am moving or should I say I have moved to a place that has the following characteristics

– warm people

– Very good world famous beer, athletes and animals

– had some trouble recently

– Good weather (trust me this is a bonus after dublin)

– Has developed its own unique language using a combination of many different languages

Ok thats enough clues…… Anyone who get it will have loads of guiness, because I hear from very reliable sources that it does wonders for the sex drive

AOB: Can anyone advice me on the best internet source in Kenya- The person needs to be online almost 24/7

June 10, 2008 at 3:39 pm 23 comments


Another year gone by…. Time flies.

I need to go home, am sad, lonely and depressed and I need to be with my family!


June 1, 2008 at 4:09 pm 13 comments