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No am not back, the rock just became too heavy

Why do we tell someone who is going through a rough time that “it will pass” or the almost always annoying  “its for the best” Its not for the bloody best, if it was, they wouldnt be feeling like shite now would they?

End of rant……

So whats up people? Its been a while since I wrote anything resembling a feeling. It has actually occured to me that I havent been feeling anything. Is that even possible?  Actually yes. I have been at happy occasions,  and I was blank, someone close to me, whom I actually like (trust me there are people close to me whom I don’t like) who has been away for a while came and still blank. I have also had some incredibly difficult time in the last couple of days and still am blank. I have tried soul searching, but I can’t even find my soul. (am serious). The other day someone threatened me, (long long story for another day, but I deserved it) and guess what, I was not afraid, or angry, or sad, or anything. I was just like “Oh shag off…”

My question is can you still be alive and be devoid of any emotion?  I think am still breathing but thats about it really…

Off to kesha as I await for a Kenyan to be the most powerful person in the world….


November 4, 2008 at 11:26 pm 11 comments