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Zain customer care do indeed work for Safaricom

Warning: This is a rant about Zain and I make no apologies for it!

The other day someone asked if Zain customer care work for Safaricom. And I have come to the sad albeit justified conclusion that this is true, they do indeed work for safcom. For the last couple of months I have been having the worst experience with these guys and am not amused. The worst part is that I have a contract with them and much as they have broken their contract with me, am still too cowardly to break mine with them.

There is something about their customer care service that makes you feel stupid and bothersome. And its both the phone CC and the walk in shops! All their managers seem to be taken for a special training where they are taught to stare blankly at customers while telling them how much they understand their predicament but don’t really give a toss about helping them.  They will explain something to you like you really are  two years old and then proceed to make you feel like a two year old throwing an unwarranted tantrum!

They are worse than the government about conflicting information. You will talk to one person who will tell you that you should get a refund, while another one tells you in no uncertain terms that you are not entitled to a refund. And please do not make the mistake of saying “but I was told by this other people that I was entitled to a refund” everything else will be abandoned in pursuit of who told you such a nice thing and why is such a nice person still working at Zain?

So if you ever have the need to go visit their CC, this is what they really think about your presence in their shops:

  1. You really are too stupid/crazy/annoying/time wasting… basically just go away
  2. You may have bought the product from us but hey, we did not manufacture it so why are you bothering us with its malfunctioning?
  3. You may be the customer but you are infact not always right- actually at no point in this entire conversation will you be right.
  4. We are customer care, which means we infact do care, just not about customers and especially not about you.
  5. What is wrong with lying to you? Why are you being so sensitive about it? We have been in this business much longer than you have been dissatisfied with us, so nye!.

But I must mention that there is one lady who is EXCELLENT. She knows her job and is very helpful. But If I say her name she really may be fired – they don’t like nice people there.

Oh well, we do put up with a lot of crap…

End of rant have a good week Y’all, and yes am definately back – maybe.


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