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Merry christmas! I come bearing gifts

Hello world

Apparently that is what Word press tells you when you start your blog! I know this because recently many friends of mine have started blogging~! and I feel like a newbie in blogging……….. I miss blogging, I am now tired of Facebook and mighty glad am not on twitter! I somehow like the anonymity of blogging, mostly becauseĀ  I don’t get as much TMI in blogging as I do on facebook. I think I will get back to regular blogging, on condition that the joke blog is gone and that dude who used to scan nation articles on politics

So END OF YEAR is here, and I can tell you for free that I have hated 2009. It has been the worst year of my entire life. I should confess that except for the fact that am alive, nothing good has happened this year. And that makes me sad. This year I have lost touch with many of my friends, and I haven’t made many new friends this year! isnt it sad? On the other hand, I have drastically reduced the amount of alcohol that I consume- am sure that is a good thing, but to me its a sign that a have no social life!

Ok this post is too mourney so I will stop right now and wait to get my blog mojo back, and hope that people will come back soon…..Now tell me what you want for Christmas and I will send it to you


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